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What is the Wild?[]

The wild server is a PvP-enabled server that players are allowed to grief, steal, or take anything they find. This server is used for gathering materials for the towns world to build or create things. The wild contains all sorts of materials, animals, mobs, and other players. Wild being a PvP-enabled server means you may want to carry a weapon with you so that you can defend yourself against an attack.

How do I get to the Wild?[]

You can issue the command of /warp wild. This will place you in a random spot within the Wild world. Once in Wild, you can do /random to teleport to another random location.

What Will I find in the wild?[]

The wild server possesses many things including animals, mobs (hostile and non-hostile), other players, ores/minerals, dirt, stone, trees of all kinds, and other materials as well.