Meepcraft Wiki

Getting to Towns Server[]

Getting to towns is a simple process. From any main area of the server, you can issue the command of /warp towns. This will place you directly in the Towny world spawn.

==Getting a Town==towns world of your choice, you will need a town. You have two options: Join a town that has already settled or create a town of your own.

Joining a town:[]

After entering the towns world, you can type /request that will send out an automatic message saying “May I please be invited to a town?” or you may choose to form your own request to be added to a town. You may use /w to chat within the towns world you are in to find a town with an open plot. You may also use /g, but this is a server wide chatting area and is not restricted to towns world.

When being added to a town players to switch in said town. /t set perm switch off: Turns switching off to everyone in said town.

  • Remember to only allow player you trust access to your plot.*

Plot and Town Toggling[]

/plot toggle pvp: This allows pvp on said plot. /t toggle pvp: This allows pvp in said town.

/plot toggle explosions: This allows explosions on said plot. /t toggle explosions: This allows explosions in said town.

/plot toggle fire: This allows fires(firespread) on said plot. /t toggle fire: This allows fires(firespread) in said town.

/plot toggle mobs: This allows mobs(spawning) on said plot. (enables spawners) /t toggle mobs: This allows mobs)spawning) in said town. (enables spawners within town)

Plot Options[]

Regular plots: Set plots up for sale (/plot fs) Claim plot (/plot claim) Embassy plots: (A plot within a town that you are not a resident of) Set plot up for sale:(/plot fs) Set plot type (/plot set embassy) Claim plot (/plot claim) To reset a plot from Embassy back to a Regular plot, issue the command of /plot set reset.

Towny Ranks[]

  • A towny rank must be granted by only the mayor. A mayor may give and take these ranks away as they please. These ranks give you special perms within the town.*

/t set mayor (name): This is how to grant the role of mayor to a resident of your town. (This takes mayorship and ownership of the town away from you. Be careful.)

/t rank add (name) co-mayor: This allows the player to do anything within the town that a mayor can do other than; /t delete.

/t rank add (name) assistant: This allows the player to do anything within the town that a mayor can do other than; /t delete, /t unclaim, and /t withdraw.

/t rank add (name) recruiter: This allows the player to invite other players to your town. (/t add)

/t rank add (name) builder: This allows the player to build in your town.

/t rank add (name) vip: This only exempts players from any town or plot taxes you may have.

Mayor Commands[]

A mayor possesses all /t set and /plot set commands within the town. /t set name: If you wish to change the name of your town, you will use this command. /t set home block, then /t set spawn: This changes the spawn location (/t spawn) of your town. /t delete: This wipes your entire town. EVERYTHING! (Be very cautious!) /t withdraw ($): This removes said amount from town bank. /t deposit ($): This adds said amount from your player account to town bank. /t unclaim: Unclaims the plot that you are standing on to make it no longer town property. /t claim: Claims the plot you are standing on as town property. /plot set reset: Returns a plot back to normal perms and settings (does not remove structures). /plot clear: Removes signs from the plot you are standing on. /t kick (name): Kicks a player from your town. /n leave: To leave the nation you are currently in. You can also do /t ? for a little in game guide!

Residential Commands

Unless given a towny rank by the mayor, your commands are restricted to your plot.

/plot clear: Removes signs from the plot you are standing on. /plot claim: Makes you the owner of the plot. /plot unclaim: Gives the plot back to the town. You also possess plot perms located above to allow others to access your plot.

  • Be careful who you allow to access your plot.*

Creating/Owning a Nation[]

To Create a nation, the command is /n new (name). Creating a nation costs 2.5mil (2,500,000 meebles) to create along with nation upkeep.

Nation Commands[]

/n rank add (name) assistant: Allows player to recruit towns to the nation.

/n deposit ($): Deposits that amount from your account into the nation bank.

/n withdraw ($): (Nation owner only) Removes amount from nation bank. /n set (name): Renames the nation.

/n kick (town name): Kicks a town from your nation.

/n add (name): Invites a town to your nation.

/n add enemy (nation): Make an enemy nation.

/n set title (player name) (nickname desired): This gives player a nickname in /nc (nation chat).

/n set king (player name): Changes the king of the nation.

/n set tax ($): This sets nation taxes.