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Towns Gamma is the third towny world existing on Meepcraft, and is named after the third Greek letter, gamma. It was first released on August 20, 2016 EST, in the 1.10 version of Minecraft. It was originally created for a new economy was used for a majority of the other worlds - spawn, wilderness, parkour, etc.


The idea of a third towny world was proposed for the purpose of having an updated towny plug-in to be compatible with the new 1.10 update at the time. Unlike the previous two worlds, Gamma was generated in 1.10, using its items and features. Additionally, players were able to claim and expand in the Nether and End dimensions.


Towns in this world had the same pricing as Alpha and Beta, but upkeep and nations were different.

New Towns: 150,000 (50,000 going into the bank)

Upkeep per plot: 25

New Nations: 800,000

Nation Upkeep, 2,500


Several major towns developed during the short reign of Gamma, each with a unique taste to it.


Named after the world itself, Gamma was the central town for the majority of this period in server history. It was founded by then-mod oKling, and rapidly became the largest. After a period of advertising the server on other means, the town swelled to over four hundred residents. For a time, it also experimented with districts run by co-mayors as towns within the larger empire. It was the capitol of its own nation, as well.


A while after the world had been established, Twomoo1119 created the new, Gamma version of Mooville, which had been a highly successful town in Beta prior to the update. After Gamma changed ownership, Mooville rose to become the top town for the remainder of the Gamma era,


The Gamma era was a short one, and was ended on January 1st, 2017 when the server console was damaged, and player data erased. During this time, many players came back to the server who had quit long before. Afterwards, the Delta world was created to reign afterwards.