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||Staff Assisting Lost and Distressed||[]

SALAD started with a simple wish of strengthening the bond between staff and the community and a wish that every new player would have a hometown, a place where they can start their own Meep adventure. This dream was pursued by a group of staff members and SALAD is now a very successful town with many residents, most being new players.

This proves, that although MeepCraft is a Minecraft server - it can still emotionally affect people as much as a school or an in-real-life community could.

The goal of SALAD has always been to include everyone, no matter their past or how long they've been playing. While we do focus more on welcoming new players and giving them the best experience we can, we also accept older players. However, for those more wealthy, we do have an extension called Fruit that is aimed more at players who have been here longer. Feel free to make your choice, and in the meantime, welcome to SALAD!

||SALAD Staff||[]

Although SALAD was originally run by staff members, now there are several amazing users helping our town. We've developed a wonderful community and staff.

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