Meepcraft Wiki

Ranks are things purchased using real currency, that give you the tag in-game. They allow you to do more, and support the server!

  • Vip

Donate today for the VIP rank, this is the first rank in a series of donator ranks. For your donation you gain the ability to teleport with the /tpa and /back commands. You also get a free virtual inventory with /chest. You can set up to 3 /sethomes.

  • Premium

For the premium donation you receive everything a VIP gets plus more. This includes the ability to disguise into a pig with /dis pig. You can delete an inventory with /ci, or kill yourself with /suicide. You also gain an addition row in /chest for storage. You can set up to 5 sethomes.

  • Exclusive

With the exclusive rank you gain all the perks Vip->Premium get. Additional disguises are included: cow, sheep. Exclusive also comes with yet another additional row in /chest for storage. You can set up to 10 homes, and spawn heads for your Creative builds with /ph spawn (head name),

  • Elite

As an Elite, you receive all lower rank perks as well as additional disguises: villager, ocelot, squid, mooshroom, chicken. You can use /nv for unlimited night vision to explore the darkest of caves, and wear items with /hat! One additional row in /chest for storage, with 20 sethomes total.

  • Supreme

You gain all the perks from Elite down.  You can further disguise with greater detail. This includes villager subtypes, and many different types of animal types. You can be noticed with gorgeous purple chat and keep 1 additional row more of items in /chest, and set 50 homes.

  • Ultimate

You gain all the perks from Supreme down, and now you can fly in the Towny world! You unlock the final row of /chest, bringing you up to 6 rows per chest!  More disguises allow you to hide among the most varied of creatures.  Travel anywhere you want to go with 100 total sethomes!