Meepcraft Wiki

What is Parkour?[]

The server parkour is for those who like to put their jumping skills to work and earn meebles at checkpoints. In parkour, players will go through a series of jumps and double jumps while wondering which block to jump to next in order to get to the final destination! There are different levels of difficulty as well as different scenes. Put your skills to the test!

How to get to Parkour[]

To get to parkour, you simply issue the command of ./warp Parkour. This will take you to the starting point.

How do I play?[]

When you get to parkour, you will begin jumping from block to block trying to reach the top without falling. There are checkpoints along the way. If you fall, you start back over either at the beginning or at the last checkpoint you have reached. You will sometimes reach signs that say to click to set a home. When you reach the end of the parkour, there will be a sign that allows you to collect a reward by clicking it. These rewards will increase in amount as you have reached the different levels of the parkour.