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Ozark is, as of February 16, 2021, a Large Town on MeepCraft, located in the southeast quadrant of the towns world. The town's namesake is the Ozark Plateau of the U.S states of Missouri and Arkansas, the mayor's homeland.



After the collapse of New London (previously known as Delta), the founder and current mayor of the Ozark, 417Mario, sought to create a town of his own. After 417Mario acquired a balance of 200,000 meebles through mining and selling gold, as well as fishing, he Random Teleported to the location 8500, 0. The land there is a flat plain, ideal for town-building. On January 7, 2018, Ozark was founded under its original name of 417City 3.0 (the previous 417Citys were in the old towns worlds prior to the reset of 2016). Within a matter of seconds, The Empire of Mystical invited 417City 3.0 to the nation, which joined as the 66th town. 417Mario was given the Nation title "Order66" for the occasion. The town was renamed to Ozark within a few days.

The One Man Settlement (January 2018-December 2020)[]

Until December 23rd, 2020, the town remained a one-person town, only consisting of 417Mario's two plot house and a small cactus farm.

Opening to the Public (Dec 23, 2020-Jan 2, 2021)[]

JBJBJBJBJBJBJB (previously known as speedyjake2003) had been advertising in chat his desire to create a town with someone. 417Mario, who had been interested in opening up his town to residents, came to an agreement where JB would be co-mayor of the new Ozark.

Present Day (1.16 Update-present)[]

Section coming soon.

Town Staff
Staff position Minecraft Username
Mayor 417Mario Co-Mayor JBJBJBJBJBJBJB, FeverDr34m Assistant islapyew Recruiter LittleBird1e