NightVale Alpha Edit

NightVale!: The town of awesome staff and is constantly changing! Just /msg or /mail town staff to join!

Town Staff Edit

Mayor: BRIDGE34(Active)

Co-Mayor: TimtheFireLord(Inactive)

Assistant(s): ChristianKid100 (Active), Coffeeisacoolcat (Active), Snotrod2000 (Active)

Builder: purplepizza117

Recruiter: NyxBlood

If there is an "(Active)" bit of text next to their name it means they should be on weekly, if there is an "(Inactive)" bit of text next to their name it means they should be on every month to 3 months.

General Information Edit

Taxes: 200


Residents (Updated Monthly):24

Stuff To Do Edit

We have TONS of stuff to do that happen monthly, weekly and day to day!

Monthly Activities Edit

Drop parties! We have drop parties from stuff that is collected from inactive residents.

Weekly Activities Edit

We will be having PvP Tournaments if there is enough interest in this type of event.

Daily Activities Edit

Pick up 1v1's or maybe I might let people build town amenities (such as houses or a shop)

Projects Edit

Grinder Edit

I need an Elite+ to join and help build a grinder.

PvP Arena Edit

If there is enough interest in this sort of thing then I will build it.

Roads (Completed) Edit

I am working on the roads now and plot borders (Stone Slabs look icky. Also, that Obby needs to go.) (Obsidian is gone the rest needs to get done).

New Spawn (Completed) Edit

The Rules Board, walls and floor will stay but it will be more open the glass looks bad, and it should feel bad.

Embassy District Edit

This is a project that has been going on for a while as soon as I have the funds I will finish it.

These will have (Completed) put behind them once they are completed but never removed. As more projects are created I will add more.

Final Thing Edit

If you have any questions feel free to send a conversation to me on the Meepcraft Forums!

Also, if there is anything I missed post in the Comments below. Thank You!


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