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NPCs are characters found all over Spawn who are important to advance in Quests.

NPC Description Appears In Coordinates
Quest Master The main start and end point in all quests. Every Quest
Baron von Meep Helps you to locate Quest Master's Stolen Treasure. Stolen Treasure
Suspicious Character Part of an organized crime under the command of Larry Dimmick. Stolen Treasure
Hobart the Helpless Struggling to survive by stealing crates of food. Stolen Treasure
Gareth Works at the bank. Gives you the coordinates of Bernie the Sailor's ship. Stolen Treasure
Bernie the Sailor Gives you info on Suspicious Character's leader, in return for the Declaration of Independence. Stolen Treasure
Captain Hillary You have to force her to hand over the Declaration of Independence using a Scythe. Stolen Treasure
Weaponsmith Crafts a Scythe for you. Stolen Treasure
Larry Dimmick Hangs out at the Secret Meep Club Stolen Treasure