Meepcraft Wiki

Welcome to Meepcraft's most popular minigame; Halo. You'll probably recognize the name from XBox. It has the same basis and fundamentals of the version from XBox. There are two different teams: Red and blue.  


You start with a large variety of weapons. They are the following: Sniper, Sword/Axe, Diamond Helmet, Flint, TNT Blocks, and a Red/Blue wool.

The Sniper gun can be changed using the command /gun, or by clicking the colored wool.

The Diamond Sword or Iron Axe are your close-range weapons. If your target gets close, you can try stabbing them with it.

The Diamond Helmet is how you reload. You simply slide your cursor to the slot that holds it, and you can continue shooting. Once the damage bar is emptied, your weapon ammo would then be refilled.

The flint is the amount of ammo you have. Once you run out of flint, you cannot shoot anymore bullets out of your specialized gun. To refill it, you have to return to your base via dying or changing your gun.

The TNT Blocks are your grenades. They do splash damage, and can easily destroy the target player in a certain radius. If they are near enough, they die. To release this powerful weapon, you left-click your mouse.

The colored wool allows you to change guns. When you click on it, it will bring up a selection of guns to choose from.

These are the following guns:

Sniper (Golden Nugget)

Shotgun (Stick)

Pistol (Ghast Tear)

Assault Rifle (Blaze Rod)

Battle Rifle (Arrow)

SAW (Clay Ball)

DMR (Iron Ingot)

Rocket Launcher (Feather)

Spartan Laser (Emerald)



The full list of commands in Halo.

/gun : Brings up the selection of guns you can choose from.

/stats (player name) : Brings up the currect statistics of the player; Kills, deaths, and score points.