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This section will explain all the rules and regulations that apply to every aspect of the server. Violating any of these rules is NOT allowed anywhere on our server, our forums, or our Teamspeak. The rules stated here are subject to change, and more rules can and will be added, should they become necessary. The administration reserves the right to change the rules with or without warning. Ban lengths will be under the discretion of the staff. Fines may occur in the form of money wipes and/or item confiscation depending on the severity of the offense. MeepCraft staff reserves the right to punish a player for any reason we deem appropriate.

By joining the MeepCraft Minecraft Server, accessing the MeepCraft Forum, accessing the TeamSpeak or accessing the Donation page, you agree to abide by these rules and follow staff requests.

This section will include:

1. Inappropriate Conduct

2. Deceiving Another Player

3. Illegal Ownership of Ranked Items and Illegal Use of Rank Perks

4. Hacking/Cheating

5. Acts Against the Server, and the Owner

1. Inappropriate Conduct

Any conduct deemed inappropriate by a staff member falls under this rule. Violations of this rule include but are not limited to:

  • Spamming chat or encouraging spam (any repetitive posting, random characters, excessive arguing, continuously complaining about a punishment given, and/or any other deemed unnecessary chat will be considered spam)
  • Intentionally avoiding the caps filter
  • Swearing, Sexual Content, Hate-related content, Drug-related content, and any other deemed inappropriate conversations
  • Inappropriate/Offensive skins
  • Any act against another player's will, any disrespect toward another player, and/or any false claims made about a player without proper evidence. (Harassment/Slander)

Inappropriate conduct can occur through any means, IE: any form of communication, signs, buildings, etc.

2. Deceiving Another Player

Any attempt to deceive another player by promising a service or any amount of money and failing to follow through with the deal made (Scamming), sending teleport requests to kill/entrap someone. This includes accepting a teleport request with intentions to kill the player, (Luring), or doing anything to take advantage of another player against their will violates this rule. (including dice scams etc.)

MeepCraft does not tolerate selling or buying anything related to MeepCraft in exchange for real currency or irl items. The only exception to this rule is with donation related items, such as ranks.If scammed, MeepCraft and its staff hold no liability and is not required to give a refund.

3. Illegal Ownership of Ranked Items and Illegal Use of Rank Perks

Some items are only allowed for certain ranks. Here is a list:

  • Sponges: Elite and above
  • Natural spawners or those changed via the Elite Shop: Elite and above
  • Spawners changed via the Supreme Shop or via the Supreme's /spawner command: Supreme and above
  • Cow, Enderman, or Sheep spawners (or Blaze Spawners changed via the Ultimate’s /spawner command): Ultimate only
  • Spawn Eggs in the Supreme shop: Supreme and above
  • Spawn Eggs in the Ultimate shop: Ultimate and above

Some other rules regarding rank perks:

  • VIP+ cannot TPA people for other people
  • Elites cannot /fix for anyone below Elite
  • Spawners are not allowed on embassy plots
  • Supremes and Ultimates cannot change spawners for those below their rank
  • Supremes and Ultimates cannot use spawn eggs for others
  • Any item sold in the Admin shop cannot be given, placed, or sold for those below the rank of the shop

4. Hacking/Cheating

The use of any hack, modification, glitch, or texture pack to give yourself an unfair advantage falls under this category. Suspicion of use of a hacked client is reason enough to ban. The things that violate this rule are but not limited to:

  • A modified Minecraft Client
  • Any Full-bright modification
  • Any x-ray related mod/texture pack/glitch
  • Any form of speed hacks
  • Any form of PVP hacks
  • Any form of duplication or “duping”
  • Using any glitch that gives you an unfair advantage and/or being warped somewhere that requires you to use a glitch

Mods that are allowed on this server:

  • Optifine
  • Reis' Minimap
  • Mccapes
  • PotionstatusHUD
  • ArmorstatusHUD
  • TabbyChat

If you are unsure about a certain modification, ask a staff member before proceeding. Disclosing any information to another player about how to hack/cheat is also considered illegal as well as speaking about hacking/duping casually as if it's okay.

5. Acts Against the Server, and the Owner

Any action or conduct that threatens the server, and/or the owner in any way. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Impersonating a staff member
  • Threats to any aspect of the server’s well-being or the people that run it
  • Lagging and/or crashing the server with items
  • Charging back a donation
  • Advertising any other Minecraft server (An IP does not have to be included)


All the rules stated in the MeepCraft Global Rules section still apply. Violating any and all rules stated above or listed below through any means will result in a Conversation from a staff member. The conversation is automated and not written by the staff member you received it from.

Here are some additional rules that apply to our Forums:

1. Posting in Restricted Areas

2. Commenting on Staff Applications

3. Attracting Likes

1. Posting in Restricted Areas

Restricted areas include:

  • Ban Appeals
  • Report a Player
  • Donation Help

Once a post has been made, if it does not directly involve you and/or you have nothing useful to contribute then posting in either of those areas violates this rule. In the case of ban appeals and report a player, your opinions are not considered useful contributions.

2. Commenting on Staff Applications

The purpose of posting on staff applications is to get feedback from the community. Each person is allowed two posts on an application leaving them one post for a comment and one for a response to the applicants comment. Each post should contain constructive feedback as to why they should or shouldn’t be a staff member.

3. Attracting Likes

You may not offer in-game payment for likes of your content, or encourage others to like your content for a 'like' in return. Forming alt accounts to generate likes will also be considered illegal. Likes are intended to be a legitimate reflection of community standing to some extent.


All rules stated above apply to Teamspeak. Staff does not have to supply proof for any Teamspeak bans. If you need help with adjusting your Teamspeak to follow these rules, contact any staff member.

Here are some additional rules that apply to our Teamspeak server:

  1. Teamspeak Name
  2. Recording Conversations
  3. Music
  4. Regarding Mic Use

1. Teamspeak Name

Your teamspeak name should be the same as your in-game name. You may add another name but your IGN needs to be included somewhere. Your name should not contain anything inappropriate.

2. Recording Conversations

Without the consent of everyone in the channel, you may not record conversations.

3. Music

Playing music without the consent of everyone in the room (unless you are in the music channel) violates this rule.

4. Regarding Mic Use

You either need to have push-to-talk or a low enough mic sensitivity so no one else can hear any noise other than your own voice.



If you feel you have been wrongly banned, feel free to file a ban appeal where a staff member other than the one who banned you will review the case.

If you see anyone committing any violation of any rule, please take necessary screenshots and post under Report a Player.

If you are banned, you may not use any alternate account to get around a ban. The only exception is for forum ban appeals, but the second account should not be used for any purpose other than writing a ban appeal.

MeepCraft Staff reserves the right to use good judgement for punishments and ban lengths, along with combined infractions. Lying to a staff member will also result in a harsher punishment.