This towny world was created following the forced reset of January 2017. It was dubbed "Delta" by many players since the previous three worlds had been Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. It was opened on Friday, January 13th, and is still the current world in use.

Infrastructure Edit

Town Cost: 150,000

Town Upkeep: 50 per plot

Nation Cost: 2,500,000

Nation Upkeep: 2,000

Towns Edit

Delta was (and is) dominated by several large towns, as with any world.

2017-02-20 01.07.53

Legend Edit

This town was founded by CluelessKlutz on January 14th, 2017. After founding, it quickly grew into the largest town on the server. Many projects followed its creation, including the release of a town guardian farm, and a trailer made by one of its staff members.

New_London Edit

2017-02-20 01.11.44

Originally founded under the name of Delta (Town Name),

Buttfly29 first owned this monstrous town, which 109Natsu took over later on. For a time, it was the largest town. In the town center, it contained many large skyscrapers.

2017-02-20 01.13.49

Peachstreet Edit

Created by Qazini, Peachstreet was a quaint town, made to look nice, but still allow the freedom of building to players, similar to Legend. This trailer was made for it by FatUnicornzz

Braveheart Edit

2017-02-22 01.16.06

Made once again for the new world, Braveheart was founded by Pmx_. It continually sees increases in size, and a large number of trailers due to its talented media members.